Biomedical Labels

Biomedical labels manufactured by Renell Label-Print insure rigid quality standards.

With biomedical labels, there is an added layer of stringent inspection and quality control because of the accountability required. At Renell Label-Print, there are proper controls in place for all custom printed biomedical labels from healthcare to pharmacy to nutritional items.

Common Concerns Relating to Biomedical Labels May Include:

  • FDA or other Legal Label Requirements
  • Proper Ingredient Statements
  • Handling and Storage Instructions
  • Specific Use and Information Panels
  • Allergy and Warning Statements
  • Proper Barcodes
  • General Print Protection / Lamination
  • Tamper Evident Features or Seals
  • Resealable Labels
  • Pinfeed or Fanfold Requirements
  • Placement of Promotional Information
  • Moisture or Oil Protection
  • Appropriate Medical Association and Industry Certifications
  • Labels Requiring Subsequent Imprinting or Handwriting
  • Special Label Constructions (Drop Windows, Backprinting, etc.)

With over 40 years of custom label printing experience, Renell Label Print will help you navigate this process. Additionally, we deliver accuracy and trouble-free performance that is seldom equaled in today’s error-prone world. As we discourage voice mail, feel free to speak with us about any biomedical label issues or use our “Help Desk” link.

Renell Label manufactures a variety of biomedical type labels including:

  • Barcode labels
  • Bio Hazard labels
  • Calibration labels
  • Clean Room labels
  • Coupons
  • Laboratory labels
  • Medical Waste labels
  • Over-the-counter Remedy and Supplement labels
  • Pharmacy Labels
  • Reagent labels
  • Test Procedure labels
  • Use and Warning labels

What classifies as a biomedical label?

Basically, any label that relates to life science products in the realm of identification and packaging can be called a biomedical label. That differs from pharmaceutical labels which have a very specialized and prescribed control and production procedure. Renell has been a qualified biomedical label manufacturer since it’s inception in 1967.

Some of the materials and adhesives we work with are:

Material Choices

  • High Gloss Paper
  • Semi Gloss Paper
  • Thermal Transfer Paper
  • Direct Thermal Paper
  • Foils and Metallics
  • Polypropylene Films
  • Fluorescent Papers
  • Mylar®/Polyester
  • Synthetic Papers
  • Static Cling
  • Latex Impregnated
  • Tag Stocks
  • Laminations

Adhesive Choices

  • Permanents
  • Removable
  • Ultra Removable
  • Cold Temp Adhesives
  • Pattern Coatings

Need help with your Biomedical Labels?

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  • Submit a “Quick Quote” request
  • Use our “Help Desk” for specific questions
  • Send an e-mail to [email protected] with any graphics attachments that may relate to your label inquiry