Health and Beauty Labels

Health and Beauty Labels made by Renell may call for specialized printing effects and unique packaging requirements. Such custom printed labels often use white and clear poly films or foil and metallic label effects in a rich variety of design techniques not commonly seen in other areas like industrial labels or even food labels

Health and beauty labels extends into many adjacent market segments beyond HABA. It can include such areas as spa and pool additives, aroma therapies, candles and scents, labels for everything from eyeglasses to tanning sprays to pill holders (all things typically found in a pharmacy). All these areas are specialties of Renell Label Print’s custom printed roll label expertise.

Common Concerns Relating to Health and Beauty Labels labels:

  • Appropriate Warning and Allergy Statements
  • Proper Ingredient Statements
  • Squeeze Container Labels
  • Candle Labels
  • Label Clarity For the “No-Label” Look
  • Labels Requiring Subsequent Imprinting
  • Tamper Evident Labels/Seals
  • Waterproof Materials/Adhesives
  • Proper Material Choices for Oil-based and Scented Ingredients
  • Appropriate Print Protection/Lamination
  • Proper Choice of Substrates When Employing Metallic Labels
With over 40 years of custom label printing experience, Renell Label Print will help you navigate this process. Additionally, we deliver accuracy and trouble-free performance that is seldom equaled in today’s error-prone world. As we discourage voice mail, feel free to speak with us about any health and beauty label issues or use our “Help Desk” link.

We manufacture custom health and beauty labels on a regular basis, and are proud to have MANY Health and Beauty label customers.

Our custom Health and Beauty Label experience includes:

  • Clinical Skin Care labels  
  • Clinical Support labels
  • Cosmetic labels
  • Eyewear and accessory labels
  • Foot Care Product labels
  • Hair Care Product labels
  • Hand and Body Lotion labels
  • Powder Product labels
  • Shaving Product labels
  • Spa and Bath labels
  • Vitamin and Supplement labels
Since the Health and Beauty Category is so broad, even one product group like fragrances or supplements can require special considerations. These are affected by packaging design and container selection. Every custom printed label consideration becomes unique. We will guide you to be certain that the materials you have chosen are the proper fit for your specific product. Some of the materials and adhesives we work with are:

Material Choices

  • High Gloss Paper
  • Semi Gloss Paper
  • Thermal Transfer Paper
  • Foils and Metallics
  • Polypropylene Films
  • Fluorescent Papers
  • Mylar®/Polyester
  • Laminations

Adhesive Choices

  • Permanents
  • Removables
  • Cold Temp Adhesives
  • Pattern Coatings

Need help with your Health and Beauty Labels?

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  • Submit a “Quick Quote” request
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  • Send an e-mail to [email protected] with any graphics attachments that may relate to your label inquiry