For digital labels, Renell Label Print will help you determine when digitally printed labels may be a better option for you.

There are several formats for digital labels . All of them work directly from computer files and therefore, do not print with plates and ink on a press. Digital is well suited for variable copy labels (like serial numbers or personalization) and for smaller runs or trial labels. Depending on label size, quantity, and complexity, there is a crossover point at which flexo printed labels will economically outperform digital labels.  Contact Renell Label-Print about this subject and speak with a professional

Since digital print speed is considerably slower, costs tend to be higher.

What kind of imaging is used in digital label printing?

  • Thermal / thermal transfer- uses heat activated ink ribbons (usually black). Good for basic, one color imprinting. Typical uses: barcodes, parts identification, food items and ingredients, warehouse and carton labels, basic variable copy of any kind.
  • Ink jet- uses quality proprietary ink systems, depending on equipment
  • Toner based- uses quality proprietary fused toner systems, depending on equipment.

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