Mylar Labels

Mylar® Labels

Mylar® labels are most usually associated with either clear labels or shiny the metallic label look on a durable film base. Mylar® is a polyester denoted as PET. Since the focus of Mylar® is durability, polyester is a must for more severe and endurance-demanding conditions. These include waterproof environments, extreme weather related conditions, high performance requirements, long term durability, very high and low temperature environs, and applications that demand dimensional and protective stability (battery labels, engine labels, or cell phone screen covers). Protection from chemicals, aggressive cosmetic ingredients or ultra violet rays often require polyester labels as well. When coated with the correct pressure sensitive adhesive, Mylar® labels can readily meet or exceed a two year performance life in harsh environments. To add to the durability and to protect the printed graphics, a clear film covering or UV coating is often added to make laminated labels. When durability or other stringent requirements of polyester are not called for, then white, metallic or clear labels made out of polypropylene may be quite acceptable at significant cost savings. When in doubt as to which film to use, contact us for technical assistance. You may also request samples of both films to test and determine what will work for you. Renell Label-Print has supplied Mylar® labels for such uses as:

  • Biohazard labels
  • Biomedical labels
  • Chemical labels
  • Clean Room labels
  • Cosmetic labels
  • Decals
  • Frozen Food labels
  • Hardware Item labels
  • Industrial labels
  • Laboratory labels
  • Machinery labels
  • Outdoor labels
  • Temperature Extreme labels
  • Utility labels

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