Poly Labels

Custom Printed Poly Labels

Poly labels are supplied on clear film, white film or metallic film. The type you need will be determined by your specific requirements.

Poly Label Material Options

Poly labels really means a custom printed label made of a poly film material like Mylar® (polyester, referred to as PET), polypropylene (commonly referred to as BoPP), or polyolefin (a combination of plastics made for a particular use). Vinyl labels and polystyrene labels can also be called “poly labels”. Each one of these film choices has a special label purpose.

Polypropylene Labels & Metallic Labels

Polypropylene is by far the most common and broadly used film for poly labels. All of these film materials come in white and clear form. Only Mylar® labels (PET) and polypropylene (BoPP) come in various silver and gold metalized forms. They are called metallic labels and are often produced as a printed and laminated label for weatherproof or outdoor label use.

With over 40 years of custom label printing experience, Renell Label Print will help you navigate this “poly” category into the right choice for you.

Additionally, we deliver accuracy and trouble-free performance that is seldom equaled in today’s error-prone world. As we discourage voice mail, feel free to speak with us about any industrial label issues or use our “Help Desk” link.

Custom Poly Label Applications

Over 50% of the labels we manufacture are in this poly label category. We are proud to have MANY label customers of all types including:

  • Appliance labels
  • Automotive Product labels
  • Beauty Supply labels
  • Calibration labels
  • Photo of a poly label on a blue bottle.Candle labels
  • Caution labels
  • Chemical labels
  • Clinical Skin Care labels
  • Clothing labels
  • Cookware labels
  • Contract Packaging labels
  • Cosmetic labels
  • Craft labels
  • Decals
  • Electrical labels
  • Electronics labels
  • Eyewear and Accessory labels
  • Giftware labels
  • Hair Care Product labels
  • Hand and Body Lotion labels
  • Hardware labels
  • Hobby and Games labels
  • Kitchenware labels
  • Laboratory labels
  • Lighting labels
  • Maintenance and Cleaning Supplies labels
  • Music Item labels
  • New Inventions labels
  • Outdoor and Home Furniture labels
  • Parts labels
  • Pet Foods and Products labels
  • Pool Supply labels
  • Shaving Product labels
  • Soap labels
  • Soft Goods labels
  • Spa and Bath labels
  • Sporting Goods labels
  • Utility labels

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