Custom Printed Labels and the Importance of Material Sampling

Custom Printed Labels and the Importance of Material Sampling

At Renell we often recommend testing of materials prior to production of custom printed labels. So much goes into the planning of a label and samples are a good way to confirm that the product we are recommending is the correct one. Whether your custom printed label is removable or permanent label, on a roll or sheeted, your label planning should start with several things: form, function, application and design. Note that design comes last not first, because it needs to fit into the other requirements.

The Form of your Custom Printed Label

The form is the overall size and shape into which the final design will be placed. Will you require a rectangle, circle, oval or some a special shape of some kind?

The Function of your Custom Printed Label

The function of your custom printed label is extremely important to discuss with your label printer. We will need to know the specific type of surface to be labelled (glass, plastic, metal, etc.) as well as the type of adhesion required (permanent, removable, etc.). There are degrees of removable and permanent adhesives to be considered.

The function of your label will also determine what type of material is best suited for your use. You will also want to discuss any temperature extremes such as use outdoors or in a freezer or refrigerator. Maybe your label needs to be waterproof or withstand some type of chemicals. Do you need a tamper-evident feature incorporated into the label? Does your design incorporate a metallic look to it? Do you want a matte or a shiny label in appearance? The proper selection of face material and lamination (if needed) will be based on how you use your custom printed label.

The Application of your Custom Printed Label

One of the things people often forget to discuss about their label is how it will be applied once they receive it. Will your labels be put on by hand? or automatically applied? It is also important to discuss if you need to write on the label or if will you imprint some additional information in a thermal printer. These things can affect the direction the label needs to run on press, the size of the finished roll we provide, types of lamination to be used, etc.

The Design of your Custom Printed Label

So finally we come to the design of your label. It is not just about what you put on the label, but how you present it. Will your label be shiny or matte, silver or gold, one color or multi-color? When considering your design it is a good idea to have conversations with your label printer in case there is anything in your design that simply won’t work with they type of material needed for the function of your label.

Since there are so many choices to consider for your custom printed label, it is necessary to select an experienced, quality label printer. At Renell Label-Print, we will work with you throughout the entire process. We can send sample materials of the recommended construction for testing on your product. We will also send prior production samples showing you the quality of our work.

This kind of precaution and preparation avoids error and dissatisfaction and insures a reliable,trouble-free, relationship with your vendor: Renell Label-Print. Yes, “It’s not rocket science, it’s just a label” … until it becomes a problem. For guaranteed, made-right custom printed labels, contact Renell Label-Print, Inc. at: [email protected] or get a live voice at 201-652-6544!