Utility Labels

Custom printed utility labels manufactured by Renell come in many forms.

Utility label form factor is controlled by the label purpose. The requirement may be for lockout tags, warning labels, outdoor reflective numbers or letters, or just a plain, laminated label. When materials exceed .015 mils in thickness or durability must be for the life of a product, the construction needed often transitions from a label product to a nameplate.

Common Concerns Relating to Utility Labels May Include

  • Durability of Print and Material
  • Temperature Extremes
  • ANSI or other Legal Formats
  • Rigid Adhesion Demands
  • Write-on Ability that Must Be Protected
  • Special Laminations
  • Handling, Use and Storage Instructions
  • Bilingual Content
  • International Signage
  • Water Resistant and Oil or Alcohol Protection
  • Proper Industry Barcodes
  • UV Inks and Coatings

With over 40 years of custom label printing experience, Renell Label Print will help you navigate this process. Additionally, we deliver accuracy and trouble-free performance that is seldom equaled in today’s error-prone world. As we discourage voice mail, feel free to speak with us about any industrial label issues or use our “Help Desk” link.

We manufacture a variety of labels for the utility user, including:

  • Calibration labels
  • Destructible labels
  • Electrical labels
  • I.D. labels for Durable Use
  • Intricate Die Cuts
  • Lockout tags
  • Mylar® labels
  • Reflective labels and Alpha Numberics
  • Specialized Tag Contructions
  • Tamper Evidency labels
  • Warning labels

Utility labels are not limited to utility type companies, but may have application in many areas of industry. The key factor is the ability to produce specialized constructions to meet stringent requirements. In order to provide trouble-free performance, Renell will supply samples or materials to review and test for your particular use requirement.

Some of the materials and adhesives we work with are:

Material Choices

  • High Gloss Paper
  • Semi Gloss Paper
  • Thermal Transfer Paper
  • Direct Thermal Paper
  • Foils and Metallics
  • Polypropylene Films
  • Fluorescent Papers
  • Mylar®/Polyester
  • Engineer Grade Reflective
  • Laminations
  • Adhesive Choices
  • Permanents
  • Removables
  • Cold Temp Adhesives
  • Pattern Coatings
  • Solvent Adhesives

Need help with your Utility Labels?

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