Custom Roll Labels

Custom Roll Label Printing

While custom printed roll labels can be furnished individually cut, in sets, on sheets or fan-folded, custom roll labels are by far the most common format for pressure sensitive labels. Because roll labels are made on a continuous liner they can be supplied in any roll size. This allows custom roll labels to be automatically applied or used in dispensers. Renell Label-Print will guide you on the design and format of the custom roll labels you may need.

Custom Roll Label Benefits and Options

Additionally, custom roll labels provide superior inventory control and there are no “lost” pieces or sheets discarded with one or two labels left. Roll and core sizes can be selected according to your requirements. Custom rolls may be furnished with perfs between labels for easy handling and dispensing. When adapted for imprinting as are thermal transfer labels for thermal printers from Zebra, Sato, Datamax, TEC and others, roll size, cores and other variables are never a problem. When roll labels need added protection for durability or appearance, liquid UV or clear film over-laminations are readily available.

Custom Roll Label Features

  • Wound on cores- commonly 3” ID (optional core sizes are available)
  • Roll labels for auto application have special machine splices
  • Custom roll labels for auto application require a specific wind direction depending on the product application

Unwind Direction Options for Custom Roll Labels

Custom Roll Printed Labels Can be Used in the Following Applications:

  • Coupons
  • Electric / Electronics labels
  • Food Labels
  • Government labels
  • Hardware labels
  • Health and Beauty labels
  • Industrial labels
  • Laboratory labels
  • Manufacturing / Warehouse labels
  • Promotional labels
  • Retail Product labels
  • Thermal Transfer labels
  • Toy labels
  • Utility labels

Need help with your Custom Roll Labels?

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