Custom Foil Labels

Custom Foil Labels

Custom Foil labels, also searched as metallic labels, basically relate to labels made with gold foil or silver foil material (shiny or matte) that has a paper base.

fancy gold foil labelmatte gold foil starburst label

Foil Labels – The Best Value

By contrast, foil labels may be less expensive than metallic labels. They are less shiny and although they cannot be used readily on curved surfaces, foil labels have many particular uses. They are excellent barrier materials, and are a good choice for tamper evident labels. If wrinkling is a concern, adding a film over lamination can help. Foil labels are not available with removable adhesive.

Foil Labels and Metallic Labels – What is the Difference?

Metallic labels, also searched as foil labels, basically relate to the ultra shiny chrome or brushed look of gold or silver that is built into film substrates such as Mylar® (polyester) and polypropylene. The metalized films are usually more durable, shiny, pliable and are much less susceptible to wrinkles and curling. They can be used in more challenging environments, where heat, water, or chemical resistance might be needed. Film can be more expensive but may be necessary for the application.

When in doubt as to which option is right for you, contact Renell Label-Print for guidance and sample foil and metallic materials to test.

Custom Foil Labels Can be Used in the Following Applications:

  • Foil Barrier labels
  • Brand ID plus Security Foil labels
  • Candy Foil labels
  • Cosmetic Foil labels
  • Document and Anniversary Foil Seals
  • Matte Foil Appearance labels
  • Parts Control Foil Labels
  • Promotional Information Foil labels


Metallic Labels are Often Used in the Following Applications:

  • Metallic Candy labels
  • Metallic Cosmetic labels
  • Metallic Decals
  • Metallic Electrical labels
  • Metallic Food labels
  • Metallic Gift (product) labels
  • Industrial Metallic labels
  • Machinery Metallic labels
  • Metallic Meat (product) labels
  • Outdoor Metallic labels
  • Metallic Promotional labels
  • Retail Metallic labels
  • Specialty Metallic Food labels

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