Tamper Evident Labels Security Seals

Tamper evident labels and security seals are all about the correct construction.  Renell Label-Print will help you determine the preferred tamper evident label material for this construction. It may include the proper combination of face material, shape, graphics, and adhesive for the surface involved.

Tamper evident labels and security seals take many forms. There can be no substitute for rigid testing at the actual point of use. Almost always the success of a secure closure or tamper evident label depends on:

  • The surface being adhered to
  • The substrate (face material) selected
  • The specific adhesive for the task
  • The specific die cut needed
  • The special printing formats included
  • Any unique embedments, such as “Void” markers and RFID

Some requirements for tamper evidency that Renell has addressed are:

  • Bag Closures
  • Box Closures
  • Decals
  • Lockout Tags
  • Governmental Applications
  • Hi-Tech Shipments/Returns
  • Over-labels
  • Sensitive Parts Identification
  • Specialized Document Seals
  • Utility Casement ID

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