What is Removable Microsphere Adhesive

Ultra removable microsphere adhesive may well be the answer, when a standard removable adhesive is so strong that it will not remove cleanly. The only way to find out is to test it on the item you are labeling, because adhesives work differently on each surface.

When a removable label needs to be placed more than once (like a sticky note), this adhesive is perfect for the job. This ultra removable is an acrylic removable adhesive option that allows your label to be removed, repositioned, and reapplied — all in one

How does a Removable Microsphere work?

Microspheres are in fact, mini bubble balls that line up in the adhesive layer. The balls get squished down when the label is applied, which allows for the adhesion to take hold. What is so cool is that when the label is lifted off, the mini bubbles pop back up so that the label can be applied again — and, again.

Microspheres can be re-applied often until the adhesive picks up too much dust and dirt to keep it from working. The basic adhesive properties remain consistent over a long period of time. If constant re-applying has not covered the adhesive with debris, this adhesive will actually provide long term removability. It makes a truly great light tack removable label.

How about application?

Custom printed removable labels using microspheric adhesive can be hand applied, dispensed, or machine applied as roll labels.

Best minimum application temperature is around 32˚F. The service range is anywhere from 10˚F to 110˚F.

Always test to be certain it works as you require. And, remember that there are many types and degrees of removable label adhesives available, including even wash-off adhesives for labeling things like giftware, glassware, frames, metals, and rigid plastics. Contact us for help on all removable label and permanent label applications at:

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