Custom printed labels for the US Government is another corner of Renell Label Print that needs mentioning.

The Government is a purchaser of labels in many forms. Some of our sales are to direct governmental agencies and some are to subcontractors. Renell is not a major contract bidder but rather a “supplier of choice” as a veteran-owned small business.

Common Concerns Relating to Government Labels

When it comes to governmental requirements in the niche we serve, there are two things that always surface:

  • Can you provide the label per the specs called for?
  • Can you provide the labels under the quota/allotment in the time required?

With over 40 years of custom label printing experience, Renell Label Print will help you navigate this process. Additionally, we deliver accuracy and trouble-free performance that is seldom equaled in today’s error-prone world. As we discourage voice mail, feel free to speak with us about any Government label issues or use our “Help Desk” link. Over the years Renell has supplied labels to:

  • Munitions Manufacturers
  • US Arsenals
  • Contractors to Certain Supply Projects
  • DOT labels
  • Dept. of Commerce
  • Several Governmental Technical Lab Centers

The category of Government Labels is rather comprehensive. Some of the most important considerations are to provide labels to the specifications that are called for. Our objective is to provide the most trouble-free experience possible, as this defeats any possible future problems. Some of the materials and adhesives we work with are:

Material Choices

  • High Gloss Paper
  • Semi Gloss Paper
  • Thermal Transfer Paper
  • Direct Thermal Paper
  • Foils and Metallics
  • Polypropylene Films
  • Fluorescent Papers
  • Mylar®/Polyester
  • Laminations

Adhesive Choices

  • Permanents
  • Removables
  • Cold Temp Adhesives
  • Pattern Coatings

If we can help you further on any aspect of your label requirements,

  • Call us at 201-652-6544 between 8:30-4:30 EST
  • Submit a “Quick Quote” request
  • Use our “Help Desk” for specific questions
  • Send an e-mail to [email protected] with any graphics attachments that may relate to your label inquiry