Food Labels- FDA Proposed Changes- Be Ready

Food Labels- Are you in compliance with the FDA?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is once again proposing changes to the 20-year old nutrition facts on beverage and food labels. This is the second set of proposals in a little more than a year. If approved, these changes will impact almost all retail food and beverage products sold in the United States.

The main idea seems to be centered around updating and highlighting some of the more relevant information on food labels- to keep up with the times. With so much emphasis on health and eating healthy, nutritional food labels have become a very important part of our packaging. Many consumers use the information on the packaging to guide them with their special diet needs. Parents use the information to create a healthy eating plan for their children. Those with food allergies count on the information on food labels to keep them from eating products that could be harmful or life-threatening in some cases. A lot has changed in 20 years, and the FDA is trying to keep up pace with all of it.  For more specific information on the new proposed food label requirements you can use this link to go to the FDA website.

Custom Printed Food Labels

Will you be ready? Renell Label-Print will be here to help you with your custom food product labels so you can comply with the new proposed regulations. We have been manufacturing for over 40 years and are ready to work with you. Our prepress department can set up nutritional food labels with your information and help you to be up to date with the FDA’s requirements. We can also work with you on any custom printed labels you might need. Let us be a part of your team!