Foil Labels – The Story of Glitz and Glamour

If you want your product branding to be memorable and stand out from the the crowd, then having a custom printed foil label might be the answer.  Most foil labels are either Silver or Gold.  Because of their reflective nature they grab attention and add a quality touch to product packaging.

Foil Label Options

Renell custom formulates each label to the client’s specific needs.  When it comes to foil labels there are many options to choose from.  Foil labels can be die cut to fit your product packaging perfectly. We can create square, round, oval, rectangular or custom shape labels. They can be manufactured on sheets or rolls for hand application or made for automated machine application.

Most Common Applications for Foil Labels

Health & Beauty

Foil labels for health and beauty product packaging provide an elegant appeal to consumers. Gold and silver metallic finishes communicate product quality and luxury.

Food & Beverage

Foil labels are ideal for specialty foods, gourmet foods and beverages. Foil labels on these products tells the consumer “ I am special”.


There is nothing that draws more attention then a gold or silver seal (or sticker) on product packaging.  These seals can be used to promote a new feature, seal of approval, sale, discount and more.

Logo Brand

Elevate and promote your brand with a logo foil label.  These are very popular with gift shops, gift basket companies and florists, but can be used by any company looking to display their logo in a unique way.

How to Get Started with your Custom Foil Label

Renell Label Print has the experience, knowledge, and manufacturing capability to meet all of your foil label printing needs. Stand out from the crowd and work with Renell Label Print to produce an amazing custom printed foil label for your product packaging. We ship nationwide.