IRC Coupon Labels to Promote Your Products

IRC Coupon Labels can help with your inventory.

Maybe you have too much inventory or need to make way for a new product. Custom printed IRC coupon labels promoting an instant discount can be placed on your existing stock. Let an IRC coupon label boost sales and help you clear the way! We can also supply them on small rolls so they can be applied by your reps in the field- a fast way to move your product off of the shelves, and you get to control how many “discounts” you want to offer. It’s also a great way to move products that are nearing an expiration date. So many uses for one coupon!

IRC Coupon Labels help you promote a new product.

So now you’ve cleared out your inventory to make room for the newest product in your line. Why not use an IRC coupon label to promote the item? IRC Coupon labels can be used for instant discounts, cross marketing, special rebates and more! Sometimes they are used to place additional information on a product, when there is simply not enough room on the package.

IRC Coupon Labels come in all shapes and sizes.

Maybe you want to be unique in the way you promote your product. Custom IRC coupon labels can be made to your exact size and special shape. There are also special constructions meant specifically for cold/freezer temp products.

Ready to use a Coupon Label on your product?

Renell Label-Print has the experience and manufacturing capability to deliver a unique coupon label made especially for you. We have been in business for over 40 years. Our team is highly qualified and cares about EVERY one of our customers.  Call us today and we will guide you through the label process. We ship nationwide and internationally.